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Setup PUCK Model 2

Replacing the Battery

Replacing the battery on PUCK takes approximately 30-40 seconds. Replacing the battery also toggles the PUCK on and off for troubleshooting purposes.

Change Code Set

Setup PUCK

Finding the IR Sensor

Part 1: Set Up Remote

Activate PUCK

Remove the plastic pull tab that is inserted into the PUCK to prevent the battery from activating PUCK.


Go to the App Store or Google Play Store and install the free “PUCK Remote App” by SmashToast, Inc.

Tap “Connect to PUCK”

Tap“Blink” to identify PUCK.

Tap the name of the PUCK to begin setup


Select the type of device you wish to setup (TV, Soundbar, etc.)\


Select the manfucturer of your device

Name your Remote

Choose a name for your remote (Bedroom TV, Soundbar, etc.)

Important: Some manufacturers have multiple code sets, sometimes based on model.  Try the default if you are unsure which to use.  This can always be changed later in the remote settings.

Optional:  You may add a description, location or unique name for PUCK.

Tap “Save” to save remote

Part 2: Place PUCK


With the arrow on the top of PUCK facing toward device, move the puck slowly IN FRONT OF the device, about a foot away, while pressing ANY command on the remote app TO HELP YOU FIND THE INFRARED (IR) RECEIVER ON YOUR DEVICE. If you do not receive a response, it may be necessary to change the code set on the remote in the settings.

Place PUCK

Once your device responds to PUCK, peel the backing off the attached adhesive and place PUCK near the IR receiver. PUCK position can be adjusted if necessary to optimize signal to your device.


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