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Made in the USA


Puck works with thousands of TVs!

At 1.5″, Puck is small enough to attach directly to many TVs and other infrared devices.

Climate Control

Puck works with many space heaters, fans, air conditioners and other climate control systems.

Attach Puck near the IR sensor on the device you wish to control


Puck works with sound bars, home theater and other A/V systems.

Puck comes with a micro suction cup adhesive that attaches to many different surfaces without harming them.

Cable & Streaming Media

Puck works with many different cable boxes and streaming media boxes.

Puck works with Apple TV, Roku and many cable boxes other media centers.


Puck can control multiple devices

Use a single Puck to control multiple devices.  Devices must be within 18″ of Puck IR.

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