Control your home from your phone.


10 times the range, better battery & more!


A Patented Wireless Bluetooth Low-Energy to Infrared Bridge

Hello, PUCK

Attach PUCK on or near a device that uses an Infrared remote, download and pair with the free PUCK Remote App for iOS and Android, and toss your remotes!

  • TV
  • Climate Control
  • Streaming Media
  • Soundbar

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Use the power of the smartphone to control your home
What is PUCK?

What is PUCK?

PUCK is essentially a remote without buttons controlled by the free PUCK Remote App.

How does PUCK work?

How does PUCK work?

PUCK talks to the app using Bluetooth 4.2 and converts the signal to infrared.

What can PUCK control?

What can PUCK control?

Almost anything with an infrared remote. TVs, sound bars, AC, space heaters... any much more!

How long does PUCK last?

How long does PUCK last?

The included battery in PUCK lasts up to 1 year under regular usage.

The PUCK Remote App

A simple but powerful framework, free for iOS and Android

PUCK Facts

The free PUCK app is constantly being updated to make the devices you already have smarter every day. Here are a few cool facts about PUCK.

  • 1,500

  • 250,000

    Device Codes
  • 2

    iOS & Android
  • 27

    Types of Devices
  • 3

  • 6,000

    Different Device Models
  • Simple Remote

    The simple remote interface has been designed to access the most used features on a variety of devices.

  • Quick Remote Swipe

    Easily switch between active remotes by swiping left or right

  • Number Pad

    Access the number pad by pressing the # symbol in the bottom left of the simple remote interface

  • Customer Support

    Our customer service center in Austin, Texas is always ready to help with any setup issues!

  • Custom Remote - Coming Soon!

    Create a custom remote to control several devices from a single interface!

  • Full Remote List

    Easily search for commands not on the simple remote interface. Most used commands auto populate to the top!

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