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Part 1: Set Up Remote


Go to the App Store and search for “Puck Remote” by SmashToast, Inc.

Download and open the free app

Tap “Connect to Puck” Tap“Blink” to identify Puck

Tap the name of the Puck to begin setup


Select the type of device you wish to setup (TV, Soundbar, etc.)


Select the manufacturer of your device

Name your Remote

Choose a name for your remote (Bedroom TV, Soundbar, etc.)

Important: Some manufacturers have multiple code sets, sometimes based on model. Try the default if you are unsure which to use. This can always be changed later in the remote settings.

Optional: You may add a description, location or unique name for Puck.

Tap “Save” to save remote


Part 2: Place Puck

Test Puck

With the arrow on the top of Puck facing toward device, move the puck slowly IN FRONT OF the device, about a foot away, while pressing ANY command on the remote app TO HELP YOU FIND THE INFRARED (IR) RECEIVER ON YOUR DEVICE. If you do not receive a response, it may be necessary to change the code set on the remote in the settings.

Place Puck

Once your device responds to Puck, peel the backing off the attached adhesive and place Puck near the IR receiver. Puck position can be adjusted if necessary to optimize signal to your device.

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  • Is the Puck app installed on your device?
    • Download the app through the App Store.

    Is your Puck currently connected to the app?

    • If Puck is setup to work with a remote, click the refresh icon in the upper right of the associated remote.
    • If Puck is still not active, check to make sure the battery strip has been pulled from your Puck.
    • If Puck is still not responsive, replace the battery with a CR2032 type battery.
    • In Settings, Click Remotes then click + in the upper right hand corner.  This will scan for any available Puck.  If your Puck is still not connected, please email support@smashtoast.com

    Is Puck assigned to a remote?

    • Click the remote icon on the bottom left of the Puck® app. If you have not assigned a remote, please do so now by clicking Add in the upper right
    • In the remote list, swipe desired remote to the left and choose Assign

    Is Puck in range of the target device (TV, Cable Box, etc.)?

    • Select remote and click a command repeatedly while moving Puck® to different locations.  PUCKmust be within 18” of target device if pointed directly at the target device or within 3 inches of the IR receiver on the target device if mounted directly to the target device.

    Is the correct device/brand associated with your Puck®?

    • If the above steps have been completed and there is still no response, try a different brand if available.  If problem still persists, please email support@smashtoast.com with equipment details (TV or other target device, iOS or Android device and OS)
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