Can this device integrate into the Alexa system, either standalone or with a hub?

PUCK is not currently Alexa or Google Home compatible but stay tuned, this is on our near-term roadmap!

Is PUCK compatible with Amazon Alexa?

PUCK is not currently compatible with Alexa. Voice Control is available on Android and iOS 13 by enabling accessibility features.


Does the PUCK work with Android and iOS?

The PUCK Remote App is available free for iOS and Android!

Why does the Android app need Location Access?

Google requires location is enable when scanning for Bluetooth Low-Energy devices. Below is an excerpt from Stack Exchange explaining:

No, this is not a bug.

This issue was brought up to Google where they responded saying that this was the intended behavior and they won’t fix it. They directed developers to this site where it points out that location permission is now needed for hardware identifier access. It is now the developer’s responsibility to make their users aware of the requirement.

This only relates to Android, as iOS does not require location services to be enabled to scan for BLE devices. We don’t receive any data relating to location of PUCK or how it’s used. We respect your privacy. Please reach out if you have any privacy questions.


Am I able to still use my original TV remote after installing this device? I want to use PUCK as a backup.

Yes!  The IR emitter on PUCK is offset to the side so it will not cover the IR sensor on the TV (if atttached directly to your TV).


Can PUCK do macros so that it does several things at once (i.e., turn on tv, apple tv, set input to hdmi1, etc)?

Currently the app does not allow for macros.

Can PUCK pair with several phones?

PUCK can be setup with multiple phones, but the current version only allows 1 phone/tablet to connect while the app is open. As soon as you navigate away from the app, another phone can pair with PUCK.

Can this device integrate into the Alexa system, either standalone or with a hub?

PUCK is not currently Alexa or Google Home compatible but stay tuned, this is on our near-term roadmap!

Do i need individual PUCKs to operate the TV, Cable and DVR?

A single PUCK will operate multiple components, but the infrared range on PUCK to target devices is about 3-5 feet and must be positioned so that the infrared signal hits all the target devices properly (range from PUCK to phone is approx 100 feet).  

For example, I have a single PUCK controlling an AppleTV, an LG TV and a Comcast box, but they are all clustered together. In the living room, I have a single PUCK attached to the wall-mounted LG tv, another PUCK on the ZVOX soundbar below, and another on the AppleTV that is hidden behind books (so my little one doesn’t mess with it).


Do I need the original device remote to program PUCK?

You do not need the original remote to use PUCK. Device compatibility can be verified at getpuck.com/search (please note the database is quite large and takes a minute to load).  If you do not find your device listed, please let us know by submitting your request at getpuck.com/request.

Do you need one PUCK per device can a single PUCK interface with multiple devices?

PUCK will work with multiple devices but will need to be placed within line of site to the infrared (IR) sensors on the target devices.

Does PUCK allow audio input (like firetv remote) and air mouse (like lg tv remote)?

PUCK does not allow for audio input or air mouse capabilities.

Does PUCK have wifi capabilities?

PUCK is not a wifi device.  PUCK is essentially a wireless Bluetooth low-energy (4.1) to infrared (IR) bridge. It does not require internet access to operate, but will need internet access during setup to download the correct device code set from our IR library in the cloud.  Once PUCK is setup, the phone communicates with PUCK via Bluetooth Low-Energy.

Does PUCK use a battery?

PUCK is powered from a replaceable 2032 coin cell battery.  It ships with an Energizer battery that lasts between 6 months and a year under regular usage, but is easily replaceable.

Does the phone with the PUCK Remote App need active service to use?

You do not need active mobile service, but you will need internet access to set PUCK up. After it is setup, PUCK communicates with the phone via Bluetooth, so internet access is no longer needed.

Does this work for Comcast cable boxes, dvr, etc?

PUCK does work with Comcast. However, many Comcast boxes are manufactured by 3rd parties, like Pace or Motorola, and those devices may need to be setup by manufacturer name in the PUCK Remote App to function properly.

How far away will PUCK work with the device it is controlling? Does PUCK have to be mounted on the device or will it work from a distance?

The Infrared emitter on the current PUCK has a range of about 5 feet to the target device. The range from the phone to PUCK is approx 100 feet.  PUCK comes with a microsuction cup adhesive so it can be flush-mounted to the target device (TV, DVR, etc) but it can also be placed in front of several devices to control all of them, given they are within range.  When mounted directly to a device, PUCK needs to be within a few inches of the infrared sensor for optimal performance.

How many devices can one PUCK control?

PUCK can control multiple devices as long as the IR receivers on the target devices are located in range of the PUCK’s IR emitter (The infrared range on PUCK to target device is limited to around 5 feet to preserve battery life).

How much does PUCK track what I do, what I buy, where I go, what I see, what I hear?

We value your privacy!


  • Track app installations & crash analytics
  • Track manufacturer & device type


  • Track location
  • Track purchase data
  • Listen to you
  • See you

PUCK is a very simple device and the main components are a Bluetooth Low-Energy radio and an infrared emitter. It is a one-way communication device, meaning that the phone app sends a signal to the PUCK but receives nothing in return (other than the standard acknowledgment that the code has been received from the app to the Bluetooth radio).

I have 3 TVs in one room that are the same make/model, I want to control each tv separately, will PUCK allow this?

Yes! Because the IR is limited on the PUCK and each is controlled independently within the PUCK Remote App, you can control multiple TVs that are the same make/model separately.

Is PUCK portable?

Yes!  You can take PUCK with you anywhere, so if you hate remotes in your hotel room, for instance, you can just use PUCK.

My TV does not have IR. Will PUCK work with wi fi?

No.  The target device must be able to be controlled by an IR remote.  Currently, PUCK only communicates with devices using infrared, and communicates with the phone using Bluetooth Low-Energy.

Will I need my original remote to program PUCK?

No.  The PUCK Remote App contains a library of over 250,000 device codes available during setup, organized by device type, manufacturer and model.  You can search available code sets at getpuck.com/search (please allow a minute to load as it’s quite a large table). If your device is not listed, please submit a request at getpuck.com/request and we will do our best to add your device to our library.

Will multiple PUCKs link to a single phone at once?

The PUCK Remote App can connect to an unlimited number of PUCKs to a single phone and control many devices.

Will PUCK control my PS3?

PUCK can control a PS3 and the codes are in our database library. However, the PS3 does not have IR built in, so it requires an IR adapter. If you visit getpuck.com/search and type in “PS3”, compatible adapters will be listed.

Will PUCK work for a ceiling fan?

Yes!  PUCK has device codes for several models/brands of ceiling fans. Please check device compatibility at getpuck.com/search to ensure compatibility.

Will PUCK work with cable boxes? Uverse, Comcast, Xfinity?

PUCK will work with these cable boxes. It may be necessary to use the codes for the manufacturer and model of the cable box (Pace or Motorola, for instance), as many cable providers don’t make their own boxes.

Google Home

Can this device integrate into the Alexa system, either standalone or with a hub?

PUCK is not currently Alexa or Google Home compatible but stay tuned, this is on our near-term roadmap!

Does it work with Google Home?

PUCK is not currently compatible with Google Home, but we are actively working on voice-integration and automation solutions.


Does the PUCK work with Android and iOS?

The PUCK Remote App is available free for iOS and Android!